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Avon Eyeshadow Primer

I never used a primer before, although I do tend to wear eyeshadow daily. My skin is oily, so my eyeshadow always creased after a few hours.


The Avon Eyeshadow Primer is the first primer I bought and I'm very impressed. If I put two layers, eyeshadow stays on for a very long time, even more than 8 hours.

I also love the small glass packaging, and the price (it costs like 3 euro). You would have to use a small brush, I find it more comfortable than using the fingers.

Avon Eyeshadow Primer


In a quick google search, you will find all sorts of reviews, but for me, it just works. Ths most comon negative reviews say:
- does not make your eyeshadow last and being in a tub is not hygenic.
- makes the skin on the eyelids is peeling and flaking.
- the packaging is not the most successful one, because with longer nails it gets harder to get the product out of the small glass bottle. Because of the glass it is also difficult to understand how much product is left there.

I think this product is amazing! I'm buying for sure my second one, I enjoy it a lot. This product is staying in my makeup bag for sure.

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