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DuffyLondon's Awesome Swing Table

DuffyLondon’s new Swing Table turns even the most boring board meeting or an everyday meal into a fun affair – guests can swing and sway while starting their first course or discussing the latest hot topic. The modular stand-alone unit can be set up in any room without construction of any kind!
Structured much like a four post bed, the Swing Table is held steady by a sturdy frame and corner supports. The table surface screws into each of the corner beams, suspending it above the dangling chairs. The frame and table surface are both made of ethically sourced wood from Stewardship Council managed forests
Three geometric chairs swing on each side of the long table, and two more cap the ends. Since it doesn’t have any chair legs the Swing Table is also a host’s dream – there’s no obstacles for a mop of vacuum to crash into during cleanup!
A matching geometric pendant lamp hangs over the table’s surface, making it an almost entirely self-contained unit. The design can easily be moved as one piece, instead of lugging each chair across the room.
We love how the Swing Table adds an element of play to dinners and meetings – each chair floats independently, so guests can sway at their own pace while enjoying the company of others.


DuffyLondon's Swing Table

DuffyLondon's Swing Table

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