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The Best Way to Dry Wet Leather or Suede Shoes

Men's Style Guide & Tips

The rain and snow may ruin a lot of things—your commute, your hair, your social plans. Don’t let them ruin your leather shoes, too.
Shoe expert Adam Derrick, designer and founder of To Boot New York, gave us a 3-step plan to save your kicks.

1. Take off the drenched duds.

Ball up some paper towels and stuff your shoes.

2. Turn the shoes on their sides (never sole down) to let the air circulate freely—this minimizes drying time.

And if you’re thinking about pulling out a hair dryer or placing them near a heater to speed it up, stop right there.

Going au naturale is your best bet. The heat from a dryer can warp the leather and twist your shoe out of shape.

3. Wait until your shoes are dry, and then use a natural cedar shoe tree to restore the shape.

Soften the outside with a leather cream or lotion.

If suede shoes get soaked, treat them the same way you would leather—just swap out the leather cream and use a suede brush to buff up the dry fabric.
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