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Cinched Waist

Even without corsets, it was all about the waist, with all kinds of cinching emphasizing natural curves, often in contrast to a strong shoulder, which avoids an overly feminine silhouette and instead gives us a unique shape that transcends gender. Often, this effect was achieved by layering a belt on top of a blazer, which also contributed to the “safari explorer” look we’ve seen in the fall 2019 fashion trends.

This was exactly what was done at Michael Kors, where thin belts layered over bulky blazers helped emphasize a slim waist. Big belts were used to cinch in the waists on dresses and over jackets at Zimmermann, although in other cases the waist looked particularly cinched because of the way billowy shirts were tucked into loose high waisted trousers.

At Balmain, we were presented with what felt like the most “of the season” take on the cinched waist trend, with ultra-tight belts over oversized jackets creating the coolest hybrid masc/femme silhouette.
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Cinched Waist

Cinched Waist

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