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Rina's 90 Day Diet Plan

Rina's 90 Day Diet Plan

One of the most popular diets right now in USA and in Europe in general, Rina Diet was created in America and is one of the diets that promise to lose 15-20 pounds of your weight, without major efforts.

The 90 day diet is said to have been developed by an American sports doctor.

There is no danger in it, and it is even recommended by natural healers.

The 90 day diet guarantees a 33-44 pounds (15-20 kg) weight loss (for the overweight), as well as a reduction in high blood pressure.

In addition to weight reduction, the diet changes the metabolism ensuring that the lost kilos do not return.

If you wish to lose less weight, you can stop the diet earlier, but you will not get the same metabolic change.

In addition to weight reduction, the diet changes the metabolism ensuring that the lost kilos do not return.

If you wish to lose less weight, you can stop the diet earlier, but you will not get the same metabolic change.

Even though the diets purpose is pretty much to lose weight, it’s not only for weight loss but for changing metabolism in general.

In other words, the Rina diet puts the lazy metabolism to work, it stimulates the fat burn, so we lose more weight. A healthy metabolism helps to avoid the yo-yo effect, the rapid accumulation of the lost weight, once we finish the diet and start eating normally.

How does the Rina diet work?

Although you can lose 15 kg of your weight during the 3 months of diet, the regime is very healthy, because you loose more than 1.5 pounds per week and that is exactly how nutritionist doctors advise us as ideal.


On on each day of the Rina diet, consists of fruit: 2 apples, 2 pears, peaches, watermelon, banana etc.

It can be apple, pear, grape or any other type of fruit and it is also important to wait at least 1-2 hours before consuming your lunch.

The sugar content of the breakfast will provide your brain with the necessary fuel to survive the time before having a larger meal.

Try not to skip any food from the menu or over any table, because each has an important role in achieving the goal.

After finishing diet, for another 90 days, you have to continue to eat fruit for breakfast. If in these 3 months of maintenance, you loose other 3 kg, it means that the metabolic change has occurred.

You can use coffee and tea, without sugar in any quantity you want. Once a month, so 3 times during the diet, after the fruit day, there must follow a day of water, in order to detox.

Day 1 - Day of proteins

will consist of fruits.

You can eat meat - cooked in the oven or boiled, such as : chicken, fish or turkey. It is preferable not to eat other kind of meat, although the diet allows it.

We recommend, for best results and health, to eat these meats cooked on the grill with steam, by boiling or baking, avoiding the roasting of the meat.

For example eat 3 slices of chicken breast or fish. You can replace meat with 3 boiled eggs or cheese, yoghurt or cottage cheese (maximum 200 gr). The idea is to get a portion of 200 grams of protein.

Meat or dairy can be accompanied by any amount of quantity of fresh salad, seasoned with salt, pepper or herbs, but without oil. You can have one slice of bread, although the diet will be better without it.

You can also have 200 ml of soup without any noodles, after the meal, but again the diet will work without it. Milk and cheese can only be taken on this day.

-eat the same menu as at lunch, but half the volume and skip the bread and soup.

Day 2 - Day of starch - vegetables

will consist of fruits.

-eat any kind of steamed, boiled or roast vegetables(beans, peas, green beans, corn, lentils, carrots, potatoes, etc), seasoned with tomato sauce, ketchup and greens.

Rice can be eaten as it is also a starch, and you can have seasonings, salt, ketchup and cooked tomatoes. These can be accompanied by any amount of fresh salad, as well as one slice of bread, although the diet will be better without it.

-eat the same vegetables as lunch, but half the quantity and without bread.

Day 3 - Day of carbohydrates

Those who are fond of the delicious desserts will find this day really thrilling. Pastries as well as the endless recipes for pasta and pizza would make you feel comfortable and less hungry as if on a normal eating regime.

will consist of fruits.

-Boiled pasta or pizza, or any kind of savory pastries of the same amount as a pizza. For flavoring you can have tomato sauce or just with pesto or a small helping of vegetables.

Pizza will be without mozzarella or meat!

-2 small slices of cake or sweet bread, or even 3 scoops of ice-cream and 4 pieces of bitter black chocolate(with at least 80% cacao). If you haven’t got a sweet tooth, you can have a savory pastry instead.

Day 4 - Fruit day - Day of vitamins

Eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, in a limitless amount, every 2 hours. You can eat also fuits salads.

This is the day you have to eat any fruit in any quantity, at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The diet may seem complicated but it's really not!

You must not skip any part of the diet, as each type of food has its own function and your body cannot do without it. Alternate days as written above, do not skip any day, do not change the order of the days and do not forget water.

Over all, you can drink herb tea and coffee as you like, but we recommend you to drink coffee only in the morning, no more than two cups of unsweetened tea a day and the rest water, because water is the best liquid diet.

The increased liquid will help to cleanse your body of undigested waste. Rina diet lasts 90 days, and each 29th day is for detox (basically is day 29 and the last day of the diet).

We do not usually have fruit only for breakfast, but your body will first digest the sugar content which nourishes the nervous system. Those with high blood pressure will be able to stop taking medicine after a couple of weeks, but naturally only with the agreement of your doctor.

When you have completed the diet, you can eat as normal with the one exception that you should have only fruit for breakfast or lunch for another 90 days.

The amount of weight loss will depend on how overweight you were at the beginning of the diet. This means that those of you who were very overweight will lose weight more quickly.
It is also a fact that the weight loss depends on your initial dimensions, those who are overweight might witness a more visible change others would also be able to get rid of their extra-fat but in a moderate manner.

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